Architectural Consultancy

The transformation of the clients’ brief/requirements into optimal building solutions with a prudent balance of form and function components, coupled with site administration during project implementation phase.

Project Management

The discipline of Planning, Organizing and Managing resources to bring about the successful achievement of specific project goals and objectives, specifically Time, Cost, Quality, Environmental Responsiveness and Safety.

Urban Design and Strategic Spatial Planning

This concerns the arrangement, appearance and functionality of urban entities- towns and cities- and in particular the shaping and strategic utilisation of urban public space and large parcels of land.

Interior Design

A multi–faceted specialty in which creative and technical solutions are applied within an existing structure/ space to achieve a customised built interior environment and enhancement of space utility or lifestyle predisposition.

Refurbishment and Renovation Works

The remodelling of existing structures/ spaces with the aim of restoring and/or improving their functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal.